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Published By Soybean Growers For The Feed Industry
August 2019
August 2019

Current Soybean Production and Soybean Meal Use

Three marketing years of soybean production and soybean meal are shown in the following table and chart.   Trends in soybean production and soybean meal use levels are relatively consistent over the past three years, whereas, the specific values for individual countries will vary.  The final values for the 2019/2020 marketing year are projected and still being influenced by many variables including; weather conditions during planting and growing season are still having a major impact on final soybean production values; swine diseases are directly lowering soybean meal use levels; and trade policies between countries are also having an influence on soybean meal use.  Final values for this marketing year will probably be close to the record soybean production and soybean meal use values recorded in the past marketing year.