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INFO Source Newsletter August 2018
August 2018
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keyboard_arrow_right Modeling Soybean Meal Value for Swine
keyboard_arrow_right Soybean Meal and Nile Tilapia
keyboard_arrow_right Soybean Meal Use in Dog Foods
keyboard_arrow_right Apparent Metabolizable Energy for Soybean Oil By-products
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News Articles

Use science, business to improve soybean meal in poultry nutrition

October 2017

To achieve a better soybean meal in poultry feed nutrition, it is essential to understand the science and business associated with all of its attributes. There is a plethora of scientific [...]

World Soybean Meal Production

July 2018

World Soybean Production World soybean meal production is dominated by four countries; China, U.S., Brazil and Argentina.  While the values […]

Apparent Metabolizable Energy for Soybean Oil By-products

July 2018

A study was conducted to determine the AMEn contents of fat by-products from the soybean oil industry for broiler chickens.  A […]

Modeling Soybean Meal Value for Swine

July 2018

Research was conducted to develop a mathematic model that estimates the value of soybean meal based on soybean composition.  The […]

Energy Values for Soybean Meal

June 2018

The apparent metabolizable energy (AME) and net energy (NE) values of soybean meal (SBM) and dehulled soybean meal (DSBM) were […]

Effect of Excessive Heat on Soybean Meal Quality

June 2018

Collaborative research conducted at the University of Illinois and with a commercial company in Germany studied the effects of excessive […]

Soybean Quality and Trade Symposium

June 2018

The University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council hosted the Ninth Annual Soybean Symposium on March […]

New Swine Use of Soybean Meal Review is Available

June 2018

A new updated review of the use of soybean meal in swine diets has been written and is available on […]

U.S. Soybean Supply and Soybean Meal Use

June 2018

Soybean Planting Season is Here.  The April 10th USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates provide an estimate of the […]

Soybean Meal Use by the Feed Industry

June 2018

This next graph shows the top 10 U.S. states based on the number of hogs and pigs in 2018. Iowa […]

Energy Values for Soybean Oil By-Products

March 2018

A study was conducted to determine the apparent metabolizable energy corrected for nitrogen (AMEn) contents of by-products from the soybean […]