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Soybean Meal Calculators

Find out how processors can impact the value of your soybean meal.

Farmer reaching into pig pen.Soybean Meal Value Calculators

These Soybean Meal Value Calculators estimate the impact of processor controllable characteristics on the potential value of Soybean Meal in animal feed applications. By inputting your values in the green fields, nutritional and associated value implications will be instantly displayed in the gold fields. An overall value/cost of moisture of SBM is shown in the blue. The calculations allow you to easily see the positive and negative impacts of value adjustments within a diet. To get started, click within the entry field and type in your value, or use the slider to adjust.

To find out how to use the soybean meal value calculators, watch this guided presentation.

Calculator For Estimating Processor Cost

The goal of the following calculators is to foster greater dialogue around some options for improving soybean meal’s (SBM) value-proposition through processor associated change. Two interactive Estimators have been developed toward this objective. One estimates Nutritional Value implications associated with SBM differences subject to Processor control. The second attempts to estimate Processor Savings and/or Costs associated with these changes.