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Amino acid levels and energy specifications in soybean meal for poultry and pigs

Boyd, R., M. Sifri, D. Holzgraefe, B. Borg and M. Pope

Soybean meal (SBM) is the most widely used ingredient source of amino acids for pig and poultry diets in the world.  Accurate diet formulation with soybean meal (SBM) requires reliable amino acid and energy values, but net energy (NE) estimates in international references are underestimates.  SBM amino acid and energy (metabolizable energy and NE) content for poultry and pigs were expressed relative to SBM protein level over the 44.0 to 48% range since both increase as SBM and crude protein increase.

SBM value increases in swine and poultry diets as protein increases, but the magnitude is greater if both amino acids and energy increase. SBM NE value appears to be greater under field conditions where health-promoting molecules are more likely to improve metabolic efficiency.