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Effects of Feeding Dehulled Soybean Meal on Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Pork Quality and Blood Profile in Pig – 2005

Kim, Chul-Wook (Principal Investigator), Young-Min Song, Sang-Keun, nn Jin Jin, Il-Suk Kim, Chung-Hee Kim, Ji-Hee Ha, Seoc-Mo Kang, Jung-Ha Lee and Young-Sik Park

Soybean meal has been extensively used in animal feeds for its plentiful protein content and excellent amino acid composition. In recent days, as the need for high nutrient-density diets has been increasing to improve feed efficiency of pigs, awareness of necessity of dehulled soybean meal has also been accompanied. The superior quality of US dehulled soybean meal has been demonstrated in many animal researches such as pigs, broilers, egg layers and fishes. Most of the research results validated the economic benefits of feeding US. dehulled soybean meal to replace non-dehulled soybean meals of different origins such as South America and India.