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Effects of U.S. Dehulled Soybean Meal on Productivity of Gilts – 2006

Song, Young Min, Byung Jo Chae, Ki Hway Chung, Chung Hee Kim, Jung Man Noh, Yoon Kyong Choi, Ji Hee Ha and Seung Ho Ha

Research Objectives:

The positive effects of U.S. dehulled soybean meal known for its highly available protein and amino acids protein have been demonstrated in many animal studies. Also, plentiful results on the economic effects of U.S. dehulled soybean meal in swine feeds have been reported (Kim et. al., 2000).

It is well recognized that U.S. dehulled meal is superior to non-dehulled soybean meals of South American and Indian origin and other plant-origin protein meals in nutritional compositions. Its use in sow diets has been increasing to balance dietary levels of amino acids that used to be relatively deficient in grains and grain by-products (Swick, 1995; Swick, 1998).