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Increased Ratio of SID Lysine to Metabolizable Energy Improves Pig Performance During a Viral Challenge

Jasper, J.,O. Mendoza, C. Shull, W. Schweer, K. Schwartz and N. Gabler

The objective was to evaluate the effects of increasing the dietary g SID Lys:ME from 100% (NRC requirement) to 120% of the requirement of grower pigs, in vaccinated (vac+; MLV Ingelvac PRRS®) and non-vaccinated [vac-; no vaccination for Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)] pigs that were then challenged with a PRRS virus. Secondly, we evaluated two diet formulation approach to achieve a 120% SID Lys:ME ratio by either increasing Lys relative to energy or diluting energy relative to Lys. Within vaccine status, 195 mixed-sex pigs vac+ (35.2 ± 0.60 kg BW) and vac- (35.2 ± 0.65 kg BW) were randomly allotted to one of three dietary treatments: The treatments (g SID Lys:ME) were 2.67 (100%, control), 3.23 (120%, increased SID Lys), and 3.22 (120S%, dilution of ME via dietary inclusion of sand). Pigs were randomly allotted, within vaccine status, to 24 pens (7-10 pigs/pen; n=8). All pigs were inoculated with a PRRS virus and started on experimental diets on d 0. Over a 42 d challenge period, BW, ADG, ADFI and G:F were determined and all data was analyzed within vaccination status. In vac+ pigs compared to control, end BW increased in 120% and 120S% fed pigs (10% and 9% respectively; P < 0.05) and ADG increased by 20% and 17% respectively (P < 0.05). Similarly, in vac- pigs a 9% and 20% improvement in end BW and ADG was observed respectively compared to control (P < 0.05). Overall, ADFI increased by 20% in the 120S% vac+ pigs (P = 0.003) and by 17% in vac- pigs (P = 0.001) compared to control. The 120% vac+ pigs had the greatest G:F compared to control and 120S% pigs (P < 0.01).

In summary, increasing SID Lys:ME by either increasing Lys or decreasing ME improved growth performance of PRRSV challenged pigs.

Jasper, J.,O. Mendoza, C. Shull, W. Schweer, K. Schwartz and N. Gabler. 2020. Increased ratio of SID lysine to metabolizable energy improves pig performance during a viral challenge. Midwest Section American Society of Animal Science meeting, research abstract 201.