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Low Allergenic Full Fat Soybean as a Suitable Replacement for Fishmeal in Weaned Pig Diets


This study evaluated a low allergen (P34 protein) and low anti-nutritional factor (trypsin inhibitor and lectin) in both soybean meal form (LASBM) and full fat ground soybean form (LAGR) as substitutes for fishmeal (FM) in nursery pig diets based on growth performance.

Weaned pigs (n = 112; 7.30 ± 0.43 kg BW) were allotted to 28 pens (2 barrows and 2 gilts per pen) by initial BW. Pens (n = 7/diet) were randomly assigned to one of 4 dietary treatments in 2 phases (Ph1 = 5d, Ph2 = 13d): control diet containing FM (7.25%, Ph1; 6%, Ph2), and LASBM, LAGR or conventional SBM substituted for FM to supply an equivalent portion of crude protein. Pigs received a common Ph3 diet (18 d). Pig weight and feed disappearance was determined by phase. Data was analyzed as a one-way ANOVA. Model included main effect of a diet with pen as experimental unit. In Ph1, pigs fed FM had lower (P < 0.01) ADG than LAGR or SBM and lower (P < 0.01) ADFI than all diets. In Ph2, SBM-fed pigs had higher (P < 0.01) ADG and ADFI compared to all treatments. Pigs previously fed LAGR tended to have a higher gain (P < 0.10) than pigs previously fed LASBM in Ph3. There were no differences in gain:feed between diets.

Based on growth performance, LAGR would be suitable replacement for FM in nursery diets.