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Soybean Meal – An Exceptional Protein Source

Cromwell, Gary L., PhD, Emeritus Professor

Soybean meal has long been considered an outstanding source of supplemental protein in diets for livestock and poultry. In fact, soybean meal is sometimes referred to as the “gold standard” because other protein sources are often compared to it. SBM is rich in highly digestible protein, and the protein is composed of a superior blend of amino acids, the building blocks of body protein for livestock and poultry. SBM is a time-tested feed ingredient and has been widely studied for most of the past century. No other feed ingredient has been so thoroughly studied as SBM. There are volumes of technical papers and reports that support SBM use.

Soybean meal’s value to the feed formulator is based on its composition, price and availability; other meal benefits include being a palpable protein ingredient without toxins, residues, etc; and, SBM is produced by sophisticated processing facilities that are carefully controlled to maximize a consistent quality product in both compositional and physical properties. In-plant monitoring of processing and products assure that SBM is a consistent, quality protein ingredient for the formulator of feeds.