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Soybean Meal Use Shrimp

Shiu, Y.-L., Wong, S.-L., Guei, W.-C., Shin, Y.-C. and Liu, C.-H

This soybean meal use shrimp study evaluated the nutritional value and utilization of soybean meal (SBM) as a feed ingredient for shrimp. The SBM was specially processed using a solid-state fermentation with Bacillus subtilis E20 approach. Compared with SBM, the fermentation process increased the protein content of fermented-SBM by 19%, accompanied by an increase of 18.75% in the total hydrolyzed amino acids. The free amino acid profile and content in FSBM also significantly increased compared to SBM. The researchers concluded that FSBM is a good substitute for fish meal (FM) in a diet with 37% protein and 7% lipid content. They reported that the maximal replacement levels of FM in shrimp diet with SBM and FSBM were 37.42% and 61.67%, respectively, based on the feed efficiency. The results of this study confirms B. subtilis E20-FSBM can be a potential protein source used as a replacement for FM in shrimp diet.