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The Nutritional Value of U.S. Soybean Meal

United States Soybean Export Council

Decades of sampling and analytical measurement of soybean and soybean meal have documented the nutritional advantages and added value of U.S. soybeans and U.S. soybean meal compared to soybean meals of other origins. U.S. soybean meal provides a “Total Value Package” that is composed of the most valuable nutrients needed in animal diets:

• Superior amino acid profile and amino acid digestibility

• Increased metabolizable energy

• Lower fiber content

• Higher total phosphorus

• Greater uniformity among batches

The unique nutrient profile of U.S. soybean meal has a significant value when compared to soybean meal of other origins. This superior value will produce improved profitability through ration efficiency and lower feeding costs. Intensive animal production is driven by bottom line profits and optimum animal performance and efficiency.

Least Cost Formulation is used to optimize ration cost and animal performance but should utilize accurate nutrient profiles for the various soybean meals of different origin to generate rations which will produce the desired performance. Feeding studies around the world have compared soybean meal from other countries to U.S. soybean meal. Results consistently show a significantly higher nutrient profile resulting in lower feeding costs and better performing animals when the rations contain U.S. soybean meal.

Animal agriculture is facing a technical evolution, addressing best management practices while balancing optimum profitability and minimized environmental impact. U.S. soybean meal, supported by its superior nutritional and quality values, will allow animal production enterprises to achieve these goals.

U.S. soybean producers provide the feed industry with the most consistent and reliable source of soy protein in the world.