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Amino Acid Analysis of F.I.R.S.T. 2017 Crop-Year Sample Set

Farmers Independent Research of Seed Technologies; Integrative Nutrition, Inc.

Soybean samples from the 2017 crop year across multiple U.S geographic regions were provided by Farmers Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST) to determine the extent to which (1) soybean meal end-user relevant compositional characteristics vary and are associated with genetic background, and, (2) yield per acre is related to reported compositional characteristics.  Soybean meal end-user compositional characteristics focused on amino acid levels (percent of soybean and estimated levels in soybean meal), with emphasis on lysine, threonine, methionine and cysteine.  Soybean samples were analyzed using NIR spectrometry.  Results demonstrated:

  • Composition does vary significantly by soybean variety
    • Can improve composition through plant selection
  • Soybean meal end-user relevant compositional variation exists in commercial soybean lines
    • Near-term beneficial change is possible
  • Relationship between soybean yield and reported compositional characteristics tend to be weak
    • Can improve composition within the context of the ranges observed without impacting yield

General observations for soybean samples collected and analyzed prior to 2107 were similar to those observed in 2017.

While the overall value-proposition for soybeans will continue to emphasize yield and soybean meal/soybean oil content, soybean meal value can be enhanced through end-user amino acid composition considerations. For the complete presentation on, click here.