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Value proposition of soybean meal must grow

Bajjalieh, Nick

For more than a half-century, soybean meal has brought tremendous value to the animal production industries, initially as a source of crude protein and, also, as the understanding of amino acid nutrition evolved, as a source of essential amino acids. However, as good as soybean meal may be, there is always room for improvement. Efforts funded by the United Soybean Board (USB) and others have focused on approaches for further expanding the value proposition for soybean meal. Such approaches include improvements in the product itself and the development of informational tools that allow for it to be used more effectively. An ingredient’s value proposition is a function of several factors. Nutrient profile and cost are among the most obvious. Other factors, such as compositional consistency and market availability, are also important. In our constantly changing world, constant improvement has become an expectation. The poultry and swine industries have continued to improve their product and the value it represents to their end users. As they have adapted to meet the increasing expectations of their customers, they have come to expect more from their ingredient and service suppliers.