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World Soybean Meal Production

July 2018

World Soybean Production

Table 1. World Soybean Production

World soybean meal production is dominated by four countries; China, U.S., Brazil and Argentina.  While the values are not shown, Argentina, Brazil, U.S., Paraguay and Bolivia export over 60 million metric tons of soybean meal annually which represents over 93% of the world’s soybean meal exports.

World Soybean Meal Production

Table 2. World Soybean Meal Production

World soybean meal use is closely related to the country’s livestock and poultry enterprises.  China, U.S., European Union, and Brazil account for about 65% of the world’s use of soybean meal; with the remaining 35% spread between numerous countries with commercial livestock and poultry operations. China’s demand for soybean meal is growing since they are the World’s largest producers of pork and aquaculture.

World Soybean Meal Use

Table 3. World Soybean Meal Use

The bottom line is that increasing the World’s demand for meat, milk and eggs will mean a growing demand for soybean meal and feed grains.