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INFO Source Newsletter June 2020
June 2020
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keyboard_arrow_right Phytase and Protease Improvement of Amino Acid Digestibility
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News Articles
Consumer Survey Reveals High Value Placed on Animal Diet Quality
U.S. Soy and the United Soybean Board conducted a recent consumer survey to learn what information about meat production methods, such as where and how an animal is raised and what the animal is fed,...
Effect of Excessive Heat on Soybean Meal Quality
Collaborative research conducted at the University of Illinois and with a commercial company in Germany studied the effects of excessive heat on digestible energy (DE) and metabolizable (ME) and standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of amino...
New Swine Use of Soybean Meal Review is Available
A new updated review of the use of soybean meal in swine diets has been written and is available on the internet. Dr. Han Stein, an international known nutritionist at the University of Illinois has...
New Research on the Amino Acid Digestibilities of Plant Protein Feed Ingredients
Two experiments were designed to determine the nitrogen and amino acid digestibilities of plant protein sources (potato protein concentrate, soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, linseed meal, sunflower meal, cottonseed meal, canola meal, and camelina...
Soybean Meal-Energy Levels for Swine
Two Soybean Meal Energy Levels experiments were conducted to determine digestible (DE) and metabolize (ME) and the standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of crude protein and amino acids in two sources of high-protein canola meal, conventional...
Energy Values for Corn and Soybean Feed Ingredients
An Energy Values for Corn and Soybean Feed Ingredients experiment was conducted to determine the digestibility of energy and the concentrations of DE and ME in two sources of enzyme-treated soybean meal (ESBM-1 and ESBM-2),...
Feed Formulation
The goal of feed formulation is to combine various feed ingredients which contain varying amount of nutrients to achieve the animal requirements for these nutrients. A report in the March/April issue of Feed Management discusses...