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INFO Source Newsletter June 2020
June 2020
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News Articles
Consumer Survey Reveals High Value Placed on Animal Diet Quality
U.S. Soy and the United Soybean Board conducted a recent consumer survey to learn what information about meat production methods, such as where and how an animal is raised and what the animal is fed,...
Toward standardized amino acid matrices for exogenous phytase and protease in corn–soybean meal–based diets for broilers
A total of 468 male Ross 308 broilers were used in a digestibility study to determine the additivity of apparent or standardized amino acid (AA) digestibility values for corn, soybean meal (SBM), or a mixture...
Importance of Properly Processing Soybeans
This research study investigated the effect of varying trypsin inhibitor activity (TIA), heat-degraded lysine concentration and protein solubility in potassium hydroxide (KOH) on broiler performance and pancreas weight.  Two soybean lots were subject to varying...
Soybean Meal Demand Assessment 2007-2017
The United States Soybean Meal Demand Assessment 2007-2017 completed by Decision Innovation Solutions is now available. The purpose of this research has been to analyze the competitive environment for protein sources in animal diets. The analysis...
Dietary Energy Utilization of Soybean Meals Originating From Varieties Having Altered Sugar Composition Fed to Broiler Chickens (Metabolizable energy of trait-enhanced soybean meal in broilers-on handout)
This research evaluated soybean meals originating from varieties having altered sugar content with broiler chickens. Four experiments were conducted. In experiment 1, metabolizable energy (ME) of soybean meals were determined. Results in experiments 1 were...