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INFO Source Newsletter June 2020
June 2020
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News Articles
Soy Isoflavones may be Beneficial to Pigs Facing Health Challenges
In today’s swine industry, nutrition is a powerful way to provide a solid foundation for growing pigs that may face health challenges. The herd nutritionist formulates diets that ensure that the nutrient requirements of individual...
Consumer Survey Reveals High Value Placed on Animal Diet Quality
U.S. Soy and the United Soybean Board conducted a recent consumer survey to learn what information about meat production methods, such as where and how an animal is raised and what the animal is fed,...
Soybean Protein Ingredients for Swine Rations
Soybean meal (SBM) is produced using a solvent extraction process to remove the soybean oil; however, several other soybean products can be created by further processing of SBM or soybean.  This research study compares nine...
Soy Isoflavones and Immune Recovery Following Viral Infection in Pigs
This study evaluated the effects of dietary soy isoflavones, in order to demonstrate that the specific immunomodulatory effects observed with soy isoflavone supplementation in the PI’s most recent study will confer growth performance and immunological...
Increasing the Use of Soybean Meal in Nursery Pig Diets Through the Application of Super Doses of Phytase
Previous in-house evaluations by The Hanor Company indicated that the addition of higher than typical levels of phytase to nursery pig diets enable higher levels of soybean meal (SBM) usage while maintaining overall performance. By...
Health Effects of Soybean Meal-Fed Pigs with Special Emphasis on Isoflavones
Building upon recent findings that feeding increased concentrations of dietary soybean meal confers benefits to young pigs infected with porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome (PRRS) virus, this proposed project sought to: Quantify variability in soy...
Value-Added Soybean Meals for Swine
The value-added soybean meals for swine experiments were conducted to evaluate the nutritional value of high protein soybean meal (SBM-HP), low oligosaccharide soybean meal (SBM-LO), and conventional soybean meal (SBM) fed to weanling pigs. The...
Piglet Performance on Trait-Enhanced Soybean Meal
This project conducted a nursery experiment to measure pig performance.  The dietary treatments consisted of traditional vs. low oligosaccharide SBM, as well as traditional vs. low oligosaccharide soybean white flakes
Metabolizable Energy of Trait – Enhanced Soybean Meal in Grower – Finisher Swine
Energy is the most expensive component in livestock diets, so a SBM with more available energy may represent an economical advantage for the swine industry. This project estimated both digestible and metabolizable energy content of...