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Feed Form, Particle Size and Threonine on Broiler Performance

Rezaeipour, Vahid and Sepideh Gazani
May 2016

A Feed Form, Particle Size experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of feed form and particle size of feed supplemented with L- threonine on growth performance, carcass characteristic and blood biochemical parameters of broiler chickens. The experimental design was a 2 × 2 × 2 factorial arrangement of treatments evaluating two feed forms (pellet or mash), two feed particle sizes (fine or course), and two inclusion rates of dietary L-threonine (with or without). The results showed that the effect of feed form on body weight gain and feed intake fed during the experiment was significant (P ‹ 0.05). Broilers fed pelleted diets had more weight gain than the mash group. Growth performance parameters were not affected by feed particle size and dietary L-threonine supplementation in the experimental period (P › 0.05).