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Feeding a Molasses: Crude Glycerol Liquid Supplement to Beef Cattle

Ciriaco, F.M., D. D. Henry, V. R. G. Mercadante, T. Schulmeister, M. Ruiz-Moreno, G. C. Lamb and N. DiLorenzo.
July 2015

Two Molasses: Crude Glycerol Liquid Supplement experiments were performed to evaluate the effects of different levels of supplementation with a 50:50 (as-fed) mixture of molasses:crude glycerol on animal performance, total tract digestibility of nutrients, and ruminal in situ degradability of nutrients in beef heifers and steers consuming Tifton 85 Bermuda grass hay.

The University of Florida research team reported a linear increase (P = 0.027) in average daily gains wiith increasing daily liquid supplementation amounts. Liquid supplementation did not affect feed effeciencies while apparent total tract digestibility of dry matter, organic matter, non-detergent fiber, and acid-detergent fiber were increased linearly (P < 0.001), as the level of supplementation increased. The research team concluded that supplementing up to 2.27 kg/d of a 50:50 mixture of molasses:crude glycerol may stimulate microbial growth and fermentative activity, thereby increasing nutrient digestibility. Increased fiber digestion, along with energy supplementation, led to increased ADG in heifers consuming Bermuda grass hay.