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New competition from Canola Meal

Fernandez, Laura
August 2016

Canola meal is a popular protein ingredient for dairy since the lower protein content (37-38%) and higher fiber content (10-11%) of canola meal compared to soybean meal (44-48% protein, 3-7% fiber) limits its use in swine and turkey rations. Research at the University of Illinois has evaluated a new high-protein canola meal (ProPound) that contains 44% crude protein. In growing/finishing swine studies they found the new high-protein canola  supported pig performance equal to the soybean meal control treatment. A Feed Management article discuss feed formulation adjustments needed since this new source of canola meal contains higher levels of methionine, calcium and phosphorus, and lower levels of metabolizable energy compared to commercial soybean meal sources. The general conclusion developed in the article was that this new source of high protein canola meal expands the protein ingredients available to feed formulators. Once commercially available, this new protein ingredient will compete with other feed ingredients based on its composition, price and availability.