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Trypsin Inactivation in Soybeans

Trypsin inhibitors are present in raw soybean meal and in several meal fractions. At least four inhibitors have been separated on DEAE-cellulose columns. All of these fractions can be inactivated…

Importance of Properly Processing Soybeans

This research study investigated the effect of varying trypsin inhibitor activity (TIA), heat-degraded lysine concentration and protein solubility in potassium hydroxide (KOH) on broiler performance and pancreas weight. Two soybean…

Adding Value to Soybeans through Cattle

…young, pre-ruminating calves because of trypsin inhibitor which interferes with digestion in monogastrics. Soybeans also contain urease which breaks down urea into ammonia. Feeding raw soybeans along with protein supplements…

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