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INFO Source Newsletter June 2020
June 2020
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News Articles
Effect of Excessive Heat on Soybean Meal Quality
Collaborative research conducted at the University of Illinois and with a commercial company in Germany studied the effects of excessive heat on digestible energy (DE) and metabolizable (ME) and standardized ileal digestibility (SID) of amino...
New Swine Use of Soybean Meal Review is Available
A new updated review of the use of soybean meal in swine diets has been written and is available on the internet. Dr. Han Stein, an international known nutritionist at the University of Illinois has...
Extrusion Processing of Feed Ingredients of Weaning Pigs
Two 28-d experiments were conducted to evaluate the effects of extrusion of ground yellow corn, solvent-extracted soybean meal (SBM), and cracked whole soybeans (CWS) individually or as corn-soybean product blends on growth performance of weanling...
Soybean Meal Swine Health
A Soybean Meal Swine Health experiment was conducted at the University of Illinois to determine the effects of dietary soybean meal (SBM) concentration on the growth performance and immune response of pigs infected with porcine reproductive...
Fermented Soybean Meal Weaned Pig Diets
Research at South Dakota State University has previously shown that standard ileal digestibility (SID) values for fish meal and microbially-converted soybean meal (MCSBM) were similar. This study was designed to evaluate MCSBM as a replacement...
Value-Added Soybean Meals for Swine
The value-added soybean meals for swine experiments were conducted to evaluate the nutritional value of high protein soybean meal (SBM-HP), low oligosaccharide soybean meal (SBM-LO), and conventional soybean meal (SBM) fed to weanling pigs. The...