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INFO Source Newsletter August 2019
August 2019
keyboard_arrow_right Current Soybean Production and Soybean Meal Use
keyboard_arrow_right Improving Crude Protein Digestibility
keyboard_arrow_right Importance of Properly Processing Soybeans
keyboard_arrow_right Trypsin Inactivation in Soybeans
keyboard_arrow_right Optimizing Soybean Meal Levels in Alternative Diets for Pond‐Raised Hybrid Catfish
keyboard_arrow_right Methionine Improves Soybean Meal Use in Tilapia Studies
keyboard_arrow_right Soy Products Replace Fish Meal
News Articles
Soy Isoflavones and Immune Recovery Following Viral Infection in Pigs
This study evaluated the effects of dietary soy isoflavones, in order to demonstrate that the specific immunomodulatory effects observed with soy isoflavone supplementation in the PI’s most recent study will confer growth performance and immunological...
Soy Products Replace Fish Meal
Many farmers of marine fish are hesitant to use high levels of soybean products in feed due to a fear of reduced feed palatability and digestibility, slower growth, and/or poorer feed conversion compared to traditional...
Methionine Improves Soybean Meal Use in Tilapia Studies
This study evaluated the effects of increasing levels of methionine supplementation on the success of almost total replacement of fish meal with soybean meal (SBM) in diets for hybrid tilapia.  In this study fish were...
Trypsin Inactivation in Soybeans
Trypsin inhibitors are present in raw soybean meal and in several meal fractions.  At least four inhibitors have been separated on DEAE-cellulose columns.  All of these fractions can be inactivated by steam heating resulting in...
Importance of Properly Processing Soybeans
This research study investigated the effect of varying trypsin inhibitor activity (TIA), heat-degraded lysine concentration and protein solubility in potassium hydroxide (KOH) on broiler performance and pancreas weight.  Two soybean lots were subject to varying...
Improving Crude Protein Digestibility
Improving the utilization of crude protein is subject of many studies because of its economic impact on the animal and poultry industries and detrimental effects of nitrogen excretion to the environment.  Protease supplements have been...