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Energy Values for Soybean Meal

Liu, W. and co-workers
January 2017

Apparent metabolizable energy (AME) and net energy (NE) values of regular (SBM) and dehulled soybean meal (DSBM) were determined for broiler breeding cocks using the indirect calorimetry method. The test diets replaced 25% of the corn-soybean meal basal diet. Eighteen 50-week-old Arbor Acre broiler breeding cocks were used in a completely randomized design to determine energy values of the test ingredients. After a 7 day dietary adaptation period, 6 birds from each treatment were assigned to individual respiration chambers for energy measurement via gaseous exchange and total excreta collection for 10 days. The heat production (HP), fasting heat production (FHP), and respiration quotient (RQ) were not influenced by the various experimental diets. Results of this experiment found the soybean meal substitution had no effect on HP, FHP, or RQ. The average AME and NE content was calculated to be 2,492 and 1,581 kcal/kg (DM basis) for SBM and 2,580 and 1,654 kcal/kg (DM basis) for DSBM, respectively.