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Energy Values for Soybean Meal

Liu, W., G.H. Liu, R.B. Liao, Y.L. Chang and X.Y. Huang
March 2018

The apparent metabolizable energy (AME) and net energy (NE) values of soybean meal (SBM) and dehulled soybean meal (DSBM) were determined in experiments with male broilers. The composition of the SBM and DSBM was 91.4%, 45,4%, 1.56% and 4,210 kcal/kg; and 91.5%, 47.5, 0.95% and 4050 kcal/kg for dry matter, crude protein, fat and gross energy, respectively. The test soybean meals replaced twenty-five percent of the corn basal diet. The results of this experiment indicated average AME and NE content was 2,492 and 1,581 kcal/kg (DM basis) for SBM, and 2,580 and 1,654 kcal/kg (DM basis) for DSBM, respectively.