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New App that Calculates Value Changes in Soybean Meal

Bajjalieh, Nick
March 2017

Soybean meal’s nutritional characteristics are the result of two primary factors: 1) the composition of the soybeans being processed, and 2) the processing conditions used to produce the meal. The soybean processor can alter the processing conditions to change the nutrient density (protein and energy levels) of the meal by oil and hull removal. The processor of the meal can also control the heat used in the process to control protein solubility and nutrient availability. Therefore, the processing of the soybeans is critical in assuring the resultant soybean meal is optimal for maximum end-user productivity.

A new computer-generated app has been developed to show how the processing of soybeans can be modified to improve the composition and value of soybean meal in livestock and poultry feeds. This app and a podcast that explains its use can be found at This app can be used to demonstrate how small changes in altering soybean meal’s composition can improve its value to the feed nutritionist. The goal of developing the app is for nutritionists, meal buyers and processors to realize that working together they can maximize the value of soybean meal. This could result in soybean meals that improve livestock and poultry production performance, processing efficiencies and profit potentials for both the soybean processor and end user of soybean meal.