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Standardized Ileal Digestible Amino Acids and Digestible Energy Contents in Two Modified Soy Protein Concentrates and Soybean Meal Fed to Growing Pigs

Rho, Y.,, E.Kiarie, L. Huber, C. Zhu, L. Hansen, C. Kozole, C. Alfonso, J. Mark and R. Kakhki

Six ileal-cannulated barrows (28.0±1.3 kg initial BW) were used in an incomplete Latin square design over four periods (n=7 or 6) to determine standardized ileal digestible (SID) AA and digestible energy of two modified soy protein concentrates [MSPC1 and MSPC2] and soybean meal (SBM). Pigs were fed one of three cornstarch-based diets with either MSPC1 or MSPC2 or SBM as the sole source of AA at a rate of 2.8 × estimated maintenance energy requirement. In each period, pigs were adapted to diets for 7 days followed by 2 days of fecal collection and subsequently, 2 days of continuous ileal digesta collection for 8 hours. The SID of AA were calculated using basal endogenous losses from a previous study for pigs fed a nitrogen-free diet. The digestible energy of the ingredients was calculated according to the difference method using the nitrogen-free diet that contained the same cornstarch:sucrose:oil ratio as the three test diets. The SID of crude protein was greater for MSPC1 (96.9%) than for SBM (91.3%; P < 0.05), while an intermediate value was observed for MSPC2 (94.3±1.2%). The SID of Ile, Leu, Lys (93.9%), Phe, and Val were not different between MSPC1 and MSPC2 but greater than for SBM (SID Lys: 84.5±1.7%; P < 0.05). The SID of His, Met, and Thr were greater for MSPC1 than MSPC2 and SBM (P < 0.05), which were not different. The SID of Arg was greater for MSPC1 than MSPC2 and SBM (P < 0.05), and greater for MSPC2 than SBM (P < 0.05).

The digestible energy was greater for MSPC1 (4,677 kcal/kg) than MSPC2 and SBM (3,896±239 kcal/kg; P < 0.05), which were not different. Therefore, the MSPC1 was a better source of SID AA and digestible energy than either MSPC2 or SBM and could be used as a high-quality protein ingredient in swine rations.