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INFO Source Newsletter June 2020
News Articles
U.S. Soybean Quality Report-2019
Each year since 1986 the American Soybean Association, United Soybean Board and the U.S. Soybean Council have supported a survey on the quality of the new US soybean crop.  This survey is intended to provide...
U.S. 2018 Soybean Crop Statistics
What a Year!!!  U.S. Department of Agriculture is reporting U.S. 2019/20 soybean production to be 3.550 billion bushels which is 878 million bushes smaller than last year’s crop.  Challenging spring weather, delayed planting and a...
Increasing the Use of Soybean Meal in Nursery Pig Diets Through the Application of Super Doses of Phytase
Previous in-house evaluations by The Hanor Company indicated that the addition of higher than typical levels of phytase to nursery pig diets enable higher levels of soybean meal (SBM) usage while maintaining overall performance. By...
Piglet Performance on Trait-Enhanced Soybean Meal
This project conducted a nursery experiment to measure pig performance.  The dietary treatments consisted of traditional vs. low oligosaccharide SBM, as well as traditional vs. low oligosaccharide soybean white flakes
Assessing the Nutritional Energy Value of Stacked Trait Low Phytate/Low Oligosaccharide Soybeans in Animal Feeding Applications
Study examined the metabolizable energy of a low-phytate, low-oligosaccharide soybean meal in broiler chicken diets.